Finance lies at the heart of every business, be it a question of boosting profits, managing costs, ensuring that operations and processes are as efficient as possible, or securing the funds necessary for growth and expansion.

    > Digital accounting

    How you keep accounts and report information to HMRC is set to change.

    > General Data Protection Regulation

    Failure to comply with new data protection rules could carry huge sanctions.

    > Financial accounting

    Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date record of a firm's finances is essential to its operations and its success.

    > Improve profitability

    There are many factors that combine to produce a successful business and maximising the profits you could realise. This dedicated area explores some key strategies for unleashing unrealised profit potential.

    > Raising finance

    If you are thinking of expanding your business, or starting a new one, you will need to raise finance. This requires careful planning and good professional advice.