Whether you are just planning or starting a new business venture, or are at the helm of a seasoned enterprise, these guides will provide valuable business planning information.

    > Starting a business

    Are you planning to start a new business? We understand that starting a new business can seem like a minefield.

    > Limited companies

    There is one main rate of corporation tax of 19%.

    > Running your business

    Finance and legislation are at the heart of every business. It may be a question of boosting profits, managing costs, ensuring that operations and processes are as efficient as possible.

    > Partnerships

    Even the strongest relationships can suffer in times of adversity. Good planning is an essential part of creating a successful business partnership. Our guides provide information on important aspects of your partnership, such as setting up a formal agreement and planning for the unexpected. It is essential to seek our advice with regard to partnership matters.

    > Your employees

    No matter how much cash there is in the bank or how much you have in working capital, a firm's most valuable asset is its employees. Taking care of your staff can make the difference between an ordinary business and a truly successful one.

    > The price is right

    For many businesses, coming up with a product or service that is innovative or meets the requirements of a niche market can seem the most important steps towards success.

    > Making and closing a sale

    Getting in front of a potential new client, perhaps to make a presentation, is only one step towards securing new business.

    > Marketing and the data protection law

    When a business carries out any marketing, it must make sure that it complies with the rules governing the protection of data and privacy.

    > Selling your business

    A strategy to maximise the assets of your business on its sale requires patient, advance planning.