Pension reliefs are now much lower than in previous years. Are you providing adequately for your retirement?

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    > Pension changes

    Changes over the last 10 years have radically changed the pension rules and savings potential.

    > Planning for retirement

    What does a comfortable retirement look like and can you improve what you will retire on?

    > Stakeholder pensions

    Stakeholder pension schemes are low-cost pensions meant for people without existing private pension arrangements. They were originally targeted at people who earn more than £10,000 a year and who cannot join an occupational pension scheme. They have, however, turned out to have much broader appeal.

    > Pension contributions and tax relief

    There are limits on how much can be invested in a pension scheme before a tax charge is payable.

    > Qualifying for a state pension

    The Government has changed the age rules for qualification for the state pension.

    > State pension deferral

    State pension deferral is the right to defer entitlement to the state pension. In return for deferring for a period of at least nine weeks, the resulting pension increases by 1% for every nine weeks’ deferral, an approximate annual rate of 5.8%.

    > Pension credit

    Details of pension credits for the current year.