Tax rates and allowances change every year.

Tax-planning opportunities are wide ranging and always subject to change based on current legislation and your personal or business situation, which is why it is important to make sure your plans are up-to-date.

These guides provide information for the current tax year. Please contact us for guidance and advice.


    > Tax rates and allowances

    An up-to-date, easy to view summary of all 2021/22 main tax rates, allowances, exemptions and available deductions.

    > VAT

    For a wealth of guidance and information relating to the operation of VAT, including essential tips for VAT planning, VAT schemes and how to survive the VAT inspector's visit, visit our VAT guides. The standard rate of VAT is 20%.

    > PAYE and NI

    Real Time Information (RTI) and other PAYE and national insurance (NI) planning guides.

    > IR35

    IR35 relates to legislation and rules intended to apply a PAYE and NIC charge on earnings from a company or partnership which is termed an "intermediary."

    > Tax and business calendar

    Details of compliance and regulatory deadlines for business and personal taxes.

    > Budgets and Statements archive

    Historical information relating to previous Budgets and Statements.

    > Personal tax - the basics

    Everything from personal allowances to switching income and working out tax credits.

    > Business taxes - the basics

    Can your accounting date make a difference? What happens if you own more than one business? Are you extracting profits in the most efficient way?